challenge…. accepted

So one of my new years resolutions was a very vague “be healthier” which after a few days I realized that I was setting myself up for failure, I needed to be specific to be successful. So I started the year with “don’t eat fried foods”. To be perfectly honest, that lasted about 3 days (hangover food did me in). So since then I’ve been trying to be a little healthier, and have had some success but honestly not much.

A few days ago a few of us were talking about cleanses and fasts, and I was inspired. So yesterday I decided to try a liquid diet for 24 hours. I ate at about 8 last night and then just had water/coffee or vitamin water until about 11 today (I started work at 7, it’s not like I slept till 11) So I felt pretty good, then broke and had a handful of cashews, and a bowl of French Onion soup, and instantly felt guilty. I realized that 13 hours without solid foods was pretty good. It was at least a start.

So now, the new challenge I’ve decided to give myself; I am only going to eat Fruits and Veggies. I don’t want to say a Raw Food Diet, because I happen to love steamed veggies.

Then I started to think about what I would drink, would I let myself have tea? or coffee? (I’m a self admitted caffeine addict but I drink it black so I wouldn’t have to worry about sugar or milk) what about juice? So after some pondering, I determined my guidelines for my self challenge:  7 Days eating only Fruits and vegetables (steamed or raw), Coffee and Tea are ok, No booze (which might be the hardest part of this), no soda or juice, Nuts and seeds are ok if they are plain. So essentially vegan but no grains either.

Now that it’s on the internet, I have to stay true to it.  I have the distinct feeling that this isn’t going to be easy, but lets face it, nothing worth doing is easy.  So, its 5:40pm MST on January 21st 2012, in 20 minutes I will begin my challenge.

fingers crossed.

until next time.

-be a river with me.


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