update 2

Still going strong,

Did a 13hr day at work today and that kinda sucked.  I really need to step up the water tomorrow  for sure.

I made 3 different kinds of soup yesterday, which was AWESOME! It was the only day so far where I went to bed full. Also realized that I love roasted cabbage. I made 6 Veggie (White Potato, Sweet Potato, Leek, Celery, White Onion, Carrot and lots of dill….mmmmm dill), Double Potato (White Potato, Sweet Potato, Leek, White Onion, Carrot, Hemp Seeds and Pistashios) and  Potato Onion and Leek. All vegan and SOOO good.

One of my roommates came home in the middle of my cooking spree, and was super interested in what I was making. He seemed a little disapointed that it was vegan, but ate a huge bowl of it. His final critique was “Yeah, its pretty good soup” coming from him, thats pretty good.  I took some ‘Mash Up’  (I ran out of containers so I had to combine the last laddle of each kind of soup) to work today and had one of my friends (who god bless him is brutally honest) taste it. Being a spice fiend, his comment was “Thats really good, you cant even tell that its vegan! It needs spice though, for me, not for you, its perfect for you”.  I was super stoked about there positive comments, coming from 2 guys who are INCREDABLY opinionated it was a nice ego boost.

The soup at work was good, and way more filling then I thought it would be. I just had some strawberries and cashews with dried Mango…(i cant go without my mangos…..mmmmmmmmm mangos) and am totally full.

I just checked my phone, its 1:11am MST. I’m now closer to finishing the challenge then I am to starting. which is kinda awesome.

2 more days.

until next time,

– be a river with me




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