Pants are a hassle.

Lets face it, pants kinda suck.

Doing things pantless makes your day a little brighter. Have you ever cleaned your house without pants? Or cooked breakfast? Or paid a bill online? All mundane tasks made considerably better without pants. Why not do the simple tasks in panties or hell just a towel?

As a saftey precaution: I dont reccomend the following as a ‘pantless’

  1. cooking anything with grease involved
  2. driving
  3. leaving the house (ever locked yourself out?)
  4. answering the door, at least rock a towel for that. or a sheet.
  5. working out, unless your going solo at home. naked yoga is fun.

Things I recommend pantsless:

  1. Sex. (lets all admit that sex with pants on, not as much fun, unless your outside)
  2. Online Shopping
  3. unloading the dishwasher
  4. drinking.
  5. watching tv, ‘Parenthood’ without pants= awesome
  6. yoga. (in the privacy of your own home)
  7. dancing around your house
  8. doing your makeup. (also with this I recommend blaring some Childish Gambino)
  9. blogging/facebooking/ tweeeting… abusing any social media that you prefer.

Im sure theres more, thats all i got for now.

as Tim Haverford from Parks and Rec would say: “Treat Yo Self”

go out there, buy some nice panties that you wouldnt be embarased to be caught in (i recommend American Eagle for some cute panties that arent to expensive) or a kick ass bathrobe/dressing gown, hell you can even just buy a few cheap towels that are cute, (dollar store actually has some fun city themed towels, I have a Calgary Flames one that I LOVE). Point being: Buy your self something nice to cover your bottom half, have fun with it.

as a good friend of mine says “Everythings better without pants”

until next time

– be a river with me

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