Austin Powers?

I never thought I’d say this, but I have realized that I have something in common with Austin Powers.

I have, indeed, lost my MoJo.

My game, is gone. Not that I had much to begin with,but what I did have, is gone.

I think I can pin point when I lost it, which kinda sucks.  A few months ago,  I got put into an awkward position (haha double entendre). A good friend of mine called me freaking out that he thought he had chlamydia. Which as a single woman, made me freak out. I didn’t need to be worried at all, we hadn’t slept together or anything. Its one of those slap you in the face wake up calls about sex. I got worried that I had something, so I got the battery of tests.

And after waiting a week of mind numbing worrying, and no one else knowing because I didnt want anyone to find out just how easily I get freaked out about STI’s. I finally called the clinic to find out the results. As a rule, I hate calling doctors offices. So I call, and it takes them forever to find my results. They finally do and everything was ok. But for those few minutes (in all actuallity it was probably like 10 seconds) I was convinced that I had everything, and that I was knocked up. It was horrid. Thankfully nothing was wrong, and there is/was no babies (WooHoo). But it really freaked me out, I didnt want to hookup with anyone when I was on vacation, and havent really since I came back. I hate that something a guy said to me has gotten so into my head.

So now I have no game. There have been a few situations when ‘old’ me, would have tried to pick up (and been sucessfull, or at least gotten a soild make-out)  But I just couldn’t do it. He was SUPER cute, and super awesome and even looked a little like this guy I know that I have had a rediculous crush on since we met. But I just couldn’t close,  then it happened again this weekend.

Archie came to visit this weekend for one of my roommates birthdays. We spent the better part of yesterday and today together. It was awesome, we sat and drank and made fun of people on tv. Then today we had lunch together and watched TV for what seemed like forever (in a good way).  We were like a married couple without the sex (wait…isnt that married life??). NOTHING happened, like at all. His legit reason for reason was that his favorite race car driver was in a wreck in the Daytona 500.

I couldnt do it. I had no game, and I HATE that. Maybe this blog will help me get over what ever is in my head thats stopping me from trying to pick up.

heres hoping

until next time.

– be a river with me


2 thoughts on “Austin Powers?

  1. Hmm……. I wish I could give you tips but I myself have no game whatsoever. We both know this. Lol. I am gonna see if I can make it out there this SUnday for some xc skiing and a long visit!

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