I would love to take a moment now and rant about shit that really annoys me at restraunts.

  1. Your server is not an idiot, chances are they are more educated then you. You do not have to explain to them that a celiac cant have bread.
  2. You are not the only person in the restaurant (unless you actually are) the server has other shit to do, if you are an asshole, they will ignore you but chances are that they are just busy
  3. The more specific you are about your drink, the longer it takes to make. Why do you think most men get a beer, simple and easy.
  4. DONT LET YOUR KIDS RUN AROUD!! Do they do that at home? No. Should they do that in public? NO!!
  5. If your an asshole to your server, there is a really good chance that there gonna be an asshole back, just not directly to you
  7. If you are on a specific diet, please be polite. If you are nice, then your server will be nice and try to find you something that you can eat.
  8. Wait for the server to tell your kids what the restaurant has for drinks, why get the poor kids hopes up for Orange Soda when the doesn’t have it.
  9. IF YOU HAVE A GROUP OF MORE THEN 8 CALL AHEAD!!! Also, most restaurants aren’t ALWAY’s set up for large groups, so call a head. The more notice you give a place, the less agro the server will be.
  10. Tipping. This is a North American thing, I get that. But guess what! YOU ARE IN CANADA. I am a firm believer that you should adapt or get the hell out.
  11. Not knowing what you really want, learn how you like your eggs and your meat. There IS a difference between an Over Medium Egg and an Over Hard Egg. There is a HUGE difference between Medium, Medium Rare and Rare steaks. KNOW WHAT YOU LIKE AND KNOW WHAT YOU WANT!! also, trust the server when it comes to cuts of meat that you are unfamiliar with, ASK THE SERVER!!! They know what works, it has been ingrained into them. They will help you at the very least. **
  12. Servers, are not mind readers, they do not control the taxes, they don’t control the weather, they don’t make the menu, and guess what?! THEY ARE PEOPLE JUST LIKE YOU! Give the server a chance, chances are they’re trying there best, and they work for tips. You have one server, they have a bunch of tables and are trying to make some scratch on all of them.
  13. Apply the golden rule, do unto other as you would like done unto yourself. Would you want your server to come to your place of work and snap at you? or cough when they want your attention? No. so dont do that to them.

**I grew up in a Medium- Well/ Well steak home, now I live in Alberta, and LOVE Rare Steaks, I can do Blue once in awhile but its not my preferance, to a point where I have sent steaks back because they were under-done.

Be nice to the people that you come across in your life, the rewards will come.

until next time

– be a river with me.

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