Last night one of our suppliers hosted some of the higher-ups (and me by an awesome twist of fate) to box-seats at a professional lacrosse game. It was AWESOME!!  If you have the means, I highly suggest watching professional sports from box seats. It was amazing.

The food was a bit of a disapointment, the box next to us had bacon wrapped scallops and chicken fingers, and we had Salt and Pepper Wings, and BBQ wings. I was hankrin for some chicken fingers. But the free booze MORE then made up for it. I’d like to take this moment to cyber high five the good people at Smirnoff.

I got to hang out with some awesome people in the company away from work that I’d already met at work things before, and I got to meet some wicked people. Namely this super attractive guy from the UK (uber disapointment when he turned out to be married, and with a kid, and one on the way).

There may or may-not have been some stops for drinks on the way to the city, and then pre-game wobbly pops, and then the free booze began to flow….and it flew…. and flew….. and then I put some booze in my bag. Then we had post-game dranks…. then we went to a bar. So we didnt leave the city till 3am. After the requiste stop at McDonalds….. (McChicken Meals…..mmmmmmm yeah)

My roommates had a party at our place, so this morning we are all nursing some hangovers.  Roommate one made breakfast, which was so good.  So in honor of hang-overs I have compiled a list of the perfect hangover foods:

  1. BBQ Chicken Poutine (BBQ Sauce, Roast Chicken, French Fries, Cheese Curds and Gravy)
  2. Cold Hawaiian Pizza (Dominos is the best, PizzaPizza coming in a solid second)
  3. Ribs…..mmmm dem ribs is gooood
  4. Wendy’s JBC’s (Junior Bacon Cheese Burgers)
  5. Pancakes and Bacon, well really pancakes and any breakfast meat
  6. Cowboy Scramblers…(any breakfast joints breakfast skillet really)
  7. Strawberry Daiquiris..(Granted this is a drink, but usually theres some fruit on the rim)
  8. Grilled Cheese *
  9. Kraft Dinner…. really any kind of Mac’n’Cheese
  10. Chicken Fingers and Fries with Honey Garlic Wing sauce.
Any of those 10 will make you feel better, combine with some alchol (I recomened Blended fruity drinks, so you cant really taste the booze) and you’ll either feel better or at least be nice and full ready to begin a bender….

** the following is most of the fixin’s needed for the BEST Grilled Cheese EVER! I’m not going to tell you the recipe because thats my lil secret 🙂

My Perfect Grilled Cheese Fix’ns

    • Marble Rye Bread
    • Garlic Butter
    • Grated Cheddar and Monterey Jack Cheese
    • Stripy Bacon
    • Tomatoes
    • Side of Ranch Dressing

until next time

-be a river with me


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