songs to love and die by.


The only true thing that the whole world has in common. Yes math is universal, but everyone (yours truly being one of them) dosent understand math. But music…music is the one common thread that binds us all.

Music, as I’ve mentioned before has had a HUGE part in my life. Im not musically inclined by any means, in fact I’m beginging to suspect that Im tone deaf.  But I LOVE music. Its amazing what it can do to people, it can help us celebrate, or mourn, it can lift you up and it can break you down, it can make or break a movie or a television show (can you imagine the difference if Forest Gump had an all heavy metal soundtrack? Or if Rescue Me had a country soundtrack? yeah…not as good eh?)

For the past few years my biggest inspirations for new music to fall in love with have been television shows. Heres my top  8 shows to get music from,

  1. Sons of Anarchy
  2. One Tree Hill
  3. Rescue Me
  4. Parenthood
  5. Community
  6. 90210 (my friends the Arkells were featured a few weeks ago on the show!)
  7. Happy Endings
  8. Glee

I am fully aware of how all over the map these 8 shows are, 2 are increadably dark FX shows with super attractive male leads (Charlie Hunnam and Denis Leary), 2 are CW dramas where all the actors are 10 years older then there supposed to be, 2 are hilarious comedys that make you cry with laughter, Parenthoods a delightful yet somewhat over the top family drama and the other is Glee. Yeah I watch Glee. They cover alot of super cool bands. I just had a thought.  I should list the best songs (in my opinion) from each show. Yup here comes another list!

  1. Sons Of Anarchy- Bird On A Wire- Katey Sagal and The Forest Rangers
  2. One Tree Hill- St Christopher (On My Way) -Micheal Logen *
  3. Rescue Me- C’mon C’mon- The Von Blondies (yeah its the theme song…still the best)
  4. Parenthood- Darlin’ Do Not Fear- Brett Dennen
  5. Community- ANYTHING by Childish Gambino-aka Donald Glover- aka Troy Barnes
  6. 902102- Where U Going- Arkells (as if i wouldnt pick them)
  7. Happy Endings- Baker Street- Gerry Rafferty
  8. Glee- Smooth Criminal- 2Cellos **

* Music is HUGE on One Tree Hill. St Christopher is my favourite song so far this season, there are SO many great artists and songs you should check out from OTH. especially Bethany Joy Galeotti, City and Color, Kate Vogele, Tyler Hilton….the list goes on and on.

** Yeah. thats what I picked, Smooth Criminal. I would have just as easily gone for Faithfully, Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Without You, Landslide, Smile (the Charlie Chaplin one, not Lily Allen), Girl’s Just Want to Have Fun,  or Without You. Actually, those are all good. In fact, I would go so far as to say that there version of Girls Just Want To Have Fun, done by the amazing (and Canadian) Cory Motheith is AMAZZING!!! I may or may not put it on in the morning when I’m doing make-up.

So there it is… music from TV shows that rock. Alot of these shows have given me music that has changed my life, I recently was asked “What songs would be on the soundtrack to your life”? and I came up with the following to describe my life at this very moment:

  1. Lonesome Day- Bruce Springsteen
  2. Don’t Stop Believing- Journey (this was PRE-Glee)
  3. A Head by a Century- The Tragically Hip
  4. Bench Seat Baby- Fred Eaglesmith
  5. Only the Good Die Young- Billy Joel
  6. Brooklyn (acoustic) – Wakey!Wakey!
  7. Swing Life Away- Rise Against
  8. Forever Young (Acapella)- Audra Mae and the Forest Rangers
  9. Motel Bible- Greg Cockerill
  10. Further West- Joshua Cockerill
  11. Dance In New York- Thea Gilmore.

So thats what I have for my soundtrack on March 15th 2012. Im sure that in 2 days half of those would change, 6 of them wouldn’t (Bruce will forever be number one) He will always be number one in my heart.

Songs to Love and Die by is the name of a 8mm album and the title of a season 4 episode of One Tree Hill.

until next time,

– be a river with me

One thought on “songs to love and die by.

  1. Another excellent show for music is Californication. My Morning Jacket’s rendition of Rocketman is haunting and Tommy Lee’s piano Home is just too good for words.

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