searching for a former clarity

The Rewind Button is a music blogging project that my amazing friend BettyLivin (ive talked about her before, shes my blog guru) started. A bunch of people review the top 40 albums (according to Rolling Stone) and post there reviews each week. We talked about it over lunch and now im doing it to! So since im a little late to the game my first one will be this Thursday, and its on ‘Whats Goin On’ by the legendary Marvin Gaye.   Its number 6 on the list.

Since i got a late start, i listened to the other 5 albums  and compiled a list of my favoirite songs from each, because lets face it, Im a sucker for lists. Here goes:

  1. Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band (The Beatles): With A Little Help from my friends- I just dig this song, I have NEVER heard a cover I didnt like
  2. Pet Sounds (The Beach Boys): Here Today. Just got bumped to my 3rd fave TBB song (1- Forever, 2- Surfin USA)
  3. Revolver (The Beatles): Eleanor Rigby- Pure musical greatness
  4.  Highway 61 Revisited (Bob Dylan): Ballad of a Thin Man…. “mr jones….”
  5. Rubber Soul (The Beatles): Girl. Hands down one of my FAVOURITE Beatles songs of all times, if you disagree, listen to the ‘Across The Universe’ version done by Jim Sturgess. The song is clutch.

so theres 5, now 35 albums 🙂 ill say right now the ones im most stoked about are: Born to Run (Bruce Springsteen!), Kind Of Blue (Miles Davis), Rumors (Fleetwood Mac), The Joshua Tree (U2) and Hotel California (The Eagles)

(Also, ‘Searching For a Former Clarity’ is a song by Against Me!  and is the title of Season 6 episode of One Tree Hill. I also hope that by listening to some great music I can maybe get back to a better place personally because music always helps, always)

until next time,

-be a river with me

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