somewhere a clock is ticking

So this past week Ive gotten a few new roommates. This winter it was me and and two guys, now its me an 7 guys, and I have to admit, I LOVE IT!  I love living with guys, its so much less drama. Ive lived with a bunch of people

  1. The super-paranoid Spanish chick in First year
  2. The all boy emo/rock band
  3. The Seth Cohen
  4. The Beauty Queen
  5. The Fashionista with a borderline drinking problem
  6. BettyLivin
  7. The French Chef and the Alcoholic (They were a couple)
  8. The Loud Mouth (who actually turned into a good friend)
  9. The Self-Rightious Vegan
  10. 2 AMAZING Australians
  11. My Boss
  12. The Former Booty Call

And I cant say theyve all been good.But theye all given me some storys. Aside from BettyLivin living with the guys has been the best roommmate stich so far.

One of the new ones has this Jax from Sons of Anarchy/ Ryan Dunn from Jackass vibe going on and its sexy as hell (his longterm girl agrees), ones a hilarious chef from Quebec who loves hip hop and dresses like he’s in a 90’s sitcom, ones got this John Mayer thing going on, ones a wanna be gangsta with a heart of gold, the other one is this adorkable hipster who looks EXACTLY like Shea Weber of the Nashville Preadators. and the other two are my winter roommates, the giant and the lumberjack. (not actually a lumberjack, he just looks like one)

Im kinda stoked for whats gonna come this summer, and apparenty we have 2 more people coming, one of the Austrailians I used to live with and a ski bum Scotsman.

Things are a changing, and I’m digging it. My good friends just had there second child (a beautiful daughter named after a character in one of her favorite movies) and i recently found out that another good friend is expecting her second as well. Lives moving forward for everyone, and thats a good thing.

Somewhere a clock is Ticking is a  Snow Patrol song and the title of  the One Tree Hill episode that gave me one of my most favourite quotes from the show, which sums up how I feel about life moving on.

“Remember tonight, for it is the beginning of always. A promise, like a reward for persisting through life so long alone. A belief in each other and the possibility of love. A decision to ignore simply rise above the pain in the past. A covenant, which at once binds two souls and yet severs prior ties. The celebration of the chance taken and the challenge that lies ahead. For two will always be stronger than one. Like a team braced against the tempests of the world. And love will always be the guiding force in our lives. For tonight is mere formality. Only an announcement to the world of feelings long held, promises made long ago in the sacred space in our hearts.”

until next time.

– be a river with me

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