The Rewind Button- Kind of Blue

Theres a line in the  John Mayer song ‘Comfortable’ that I fell head over heels in love with the moment I heard it; “she swears that she’s artsy, but you could distinguish Miles from Coletrain” and ever since I heard it I wanted to be that girl, I wanted to be able to distingish Miles from Coletrain.

And I am happy to say, that I kinda can. I love jazz music and I love Miles. Miles Davis is widely considered as one of the most influental jazz musicans of all time, he played a roll in the development of several jazz movements, including jazz fusion. So many great musicians were part of his legendary ensembles at one point, including John Coletrain and Herbie Hancock.

Kind of Blue is a phenominal album, I love all the tracks. My favourte by far is ‘All Blues’ which at 11 minutes and 33 seconds is a bit long but god its good, the changes are seemless and  the trumpets are off the hook. This song is why KoB is the top selling jazz album of all time. It stays with you after the music ends, kinda like when you get a really great hug from a good smelling person and the smell of their colonge lingers on your clothes for a little bit.

I know alot of people dont give jazz the credit it diserves, its a fantastic genre that often gets likend to ‘elevator music’ or ‘waiting room music’ and thats not fair. Jazz is complex and wonderful, its the kind of music that can slip into the background of your day or be the star, its a love letter and a final lament. As much as I love and appreciate all other types of music (god help me I even appreciate Shrillex for the effort) in my opinion, is as true a form of music as one can find.  If jazz isnt your thing, then just put it on in the background while your cleaning, or toss it on the iPod as your walking dog, play it softly as you sleep. Just give it a whirl and see where you land. Cause you never know. Kind of Blue might just be the music you were missing in your life and you never even knew.

until next time

– be a river with me

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my breakup letter with carbs.

Dear Carbohydrates,

After a 20 somthing year long relationship, I think we should stop seeing each other. I will miss you,  you have always been there for me, the fresh made pasta that Kris makes, the awesome-ness of a bagel with cream cheese…. and so many other ways.

Its time for us to not be together as much, and thats my fault, I’ve become addicted to you. Its easier for everyone if we just stop seeing eachother, maybe we can try again when I can fit into the super cute American Eagle dress that I bought last summer and havent been able to wear. I want to be able to say “I need new clothes cause nothing fits” because its all to big for me.

I know its cliche but, I cant love me if I still love you.

Please dont be mad if I start seeing the gym more, he’s someone that I need to get to know better.

Goodbye, tell gnocchi and those pilsbury biscuts at work that I’ll miss them.

until next time

– be a river with me

The Rewind Button- The Sun Sessions

I LOVE ELVIS. I love him all sweet and country, i love him in gold lame, i love him as an over weight rhinestone studded vegas act. I think alot of it comes from my love of Full House as a child, and John Stamos’s characters afinity for him.

The Sun Sessions is a great compilation album, in a way it makes me feel like im in my grandmas’ house listening to an old record player, antsy to listen to the mexican hat dance, but settling for some  Elvis. it takes me back, to a time that i wish i had been around for, a time when being successful in music wasn’t determined by how many twitter followers you had, or where you placed in American Idol. it was about the music.

but to be a little different this week, im gonna talk specifically about one song on the album. ‘I Forgot To Remember To Forget’.  This song is the ethos of why i love elvis, its country with a heart and chillingly beautiful lryics. The Beatles, Johnny Cash, Chris Isaac and a bunch of other musicians have covered this song, and they are all great. Nothing beats the original, all though the Chris Issac version comes close.

I forgot to remember to forget her,
I can’t seem to get her off my mind.
I thought I’d never miss her,
But I found out somehow
I think about her almost all the time.
The day she went away
I made myself a promise
That I’d soon forget we ever met.
But something sure is wrong,
‘Cause I’m so blue and lonely.
I forgot to remember to forget.

The day she went away
I made myself a promise
That I’d soon forget we ever met,
Well, but something sure is wrong,
‘Cause I’m so blue and lonely.
I forgot to remember to forget.

I mean come on. Those are words that most girls would KILL for a man to write for her. It makes me think of all the feelings that come back to you when you see an old love, or a old flame. Hell even the feelings that come up when you see a old spark. Sometimes the past sucks, so you try to remember to forget. but its not always as easy as it seems.

In a cool little twist, this is also the name of one of my favorite One Tree Hill flash back episodes, so its like I get 2 blogs in one! woo hoo!

Bottom Line, buy the album, listen to it, find the song that makes you wanna hit repeat, and then keep it in your heart. and every once in awhile play it loud, play it so the neighbours can make out every note clear as day.

until next time

– be a river with me

unopened letter to the world

this past week has been nucking futs. The cafe I run opened a day earlier then expected, there was huge drama around the town and within the company, and my staff is insane.

wheew. even typing that made me feel better.

unfortunantly something bad happened to the company this week, and i cant say what it was because of our “offical statement” but its sad and im not quite sure how to handle it. It calls the safety of our town into question and to be honest, it kinda scares me. i’ve lived in cities before and i know that bad stuff happens all the time but its a little tough to move past when it happens litterally close to home. and my parents are freaking out about it, which i find both sweet and overprotective at the same time. I feel bad that they feel helpless but at the same time, i AM being safe and i AM sad about it. I just wish they’d listen, although i know parents worry ALL the time despite what there kids say.

the cafe has been going swimingly however, things are moving and a shaking. the staff is still getting there sea-legs and im not sure whos gonna last and who isnt. but at least they all accept me for my craziness and at least pretend to laugh at my jokes. my bosses are also trusting me with more responsiblity then orgininally thought which is awesome because i get to show off how well i know the cafe and how it runs.

anywhoozle. that was an admitedly very wonky post, i just needed to get it out there and not to people i talk to everyday.

unopened letter to the world is a song by The Ataris, and the title of a season 2 One Tree Hill episode, like most of my posts 🙂

until next time

– be a river with me

The Rewind Button- The White Album.

this is by far and away my favourite beatles album. HANDS DOWN!

Apart from ‘Girl’ all of my favourite Beatles songs are on this album. They all take me somewhere amazing and wonderful. Somewhere were everything around me stops, and the music is all that I have.  And as a bonus alot of them were featured in ‘Across The Universe’ which is one of my most beloved films…..mmmmm… Jim Sturgess and Joe Anderson….. Of the 32 songs on 4 sides. these are my favourite:

  1. While My Guitar Gently Weeps (chillllllllingly awesome)
  2. Dear Prudence (look around round round round…..)
  3. Blackbird (check out the Evan Rachel Wood cover…its haunting)
  4. Why Dont We Do It On The Road
  5. Sexy Sadie (It makes me want my name to be Sadie.)
  6. Happiness is a Warm Gun (bang bang shoot shoot)

they all just make me smile, i love the music and the feeling it gives me, its like a musical blanket. also if you think this one is gushy just wait for the Springsteen review…..its gonna be mind bending.

the album has such a cultural reference to it as well, it was a time where the messages the band was trying to send were blunt, they reference paul being the walrus, despite what John Hughes has to say about it in Ferris Bullers Day Off….

anywhoozle. i loved it. I listen to it often and will continue to.

until next time

-be a river with me


The Rewind Button- Blonde on Blonde

So last night, instead of writing the review, I went and saw live music. I gotta say, way better call. I saw Ryan McMahon, Christopher Arruda and Cory Woodward all play accoustic sets, and they were AWESOME! Seriously, DOWNLOAD THEM NOW! Ryan is on iTunes and is wicked. I was so stoked about having live music back in my life. it had been FAR to long. But anywhoozle, heres the Dylan review

Dylan is admititly hit or miss with me, sometimes I love him, sometimes times I cant get enough and sometimes I lunge across cars to turn the station.  Blonde on Blonde was an OK album, I dug ‘Visions of Johanna’, ‘Stuck inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again’ and  ‘Just Like a Woman’ and will listen to them on repeat for sureies.

Sorry its short, but I’m mid hangover and all i want is my peach mango smoothie.

until next time

– be a river with me

holding out for a hero

i caught myself thinking about heros today, granted i was thinking about superheros but heros none the less. heros were on my mind.

so all day i was thinking about the idea of a  hero, and who i consider to be my heros and why they are my heros. so heres the list i came up with:

  1. My Parents; My mom is a cancer survivor, raised 3 kids and an adorable chocolate lab, has worked hard her entire life, works for hospice and is one of the greatest people i know. My dad is the rock in my family, he a guy who you want in your corner, he works harder then anyone i know and is the first person to help someone who needs it, he’s amazing and also one of the greatest people i know
  2. Bruce Springsteen; A kid from Jersey makes good and becomes a music icon. His songs have helped define a generation, to me, Springsteen IS music.
  3. Mindy Kaling; Better known as Kelly from the Office, shes a lovely woman who is hugely sucessful in hollywood and has never compromised herself, she isnt a size 0 and doesnt want to be. She makes me want to be proud of who i am and not let my body type stand in the way of who i want to be.
  4. Bethany Joy Lenz: I dont know if she one of my forever heros, but shes someone i try to emulate for sure. Shes a mom, a wife, an actor, a musican, a philantropist, a writer and so much more. She was the star of one of my favorite shows and is a super super awesome dresser. Shes just one of those people in Hollywood that I would legit want to be friends with.
  5. People who overcome: Ive been lucky enough to meet and befriend alot of interseting people, a large portion of them have ended up here because of their past, theres the former crack head, the former coke dealer whos thrice divorced, the Mormon whos family is less then perfect but he trys his hardest to make his familys life better, the former coke head who now owns 2 restraunts and is only a borderline alcholic and a handfull of other characters. They’ve all over come something, something that alot of people would balk at, something that would stop other people dead in there tracks. Those are the people I consider heros
  6. People who sacrifice themselves for the better of other people; Firefighters, Cops, Doctors without Borders, anyone in the military (any and all branches)… pretty much anyone who goes to work in the morning knowing that there is a good to somewhat good chance that they might night come back at the end of there shift

Holding out for a Hero is a song from Footloose, (check out the 2011 Ella Mae Bowen cover, its life-changing) and the title of a season 8 episode of One Tree Hill

until next time

– be a river with me