this is my house. this is my home

I love people, but i also love my space. I love being around people and having a good time but I love the silence just as much. Which is why I love living where I do, I can hang out with people or I can sneak into my room and watch a movie.

The past week or so we’ve been having people over for drinks, and its been interesting to say the least. Our house, which normally looks kinda like a frat house, now definatly looks like a frat house.  Its not the mess that bothers me, (im not Captain Housework but i dont wanna live in filth) its the blantant disregard some people have for peoples houses, namely mine.

Im a firm believer of ‘my house. my rules’, and even more so when its a company house (which I currently live in) so its really ‘their house, their rules, then my rules’. Some of the rules are mutual, some we bend to suit our live styles. One that we share and are super adamant about is No Smoking in the house (this mostly applies to cigarettes) and a few others.

One of my big pet peeves is when people dont take off there shoes. I was raised that you take off your shoes when you come into someones house (especially if your walking on carpet) as a sign of respect for that person and there house. I will admit that sometimes I keep my shoes on if the house is dirty, or theres obivious broken glass and such. But for the most part, i take my shoes off. I do however wear sandels in the house alot of the time, flip flops are my most favourite shoes so I have a pair I usually only wear in the house, (3 of the roommates do this as well) but we dont wear our shoe shoes in the house.

Last night, I noticed that of the 15 of us sitting around drinking, only one person had there shoes on, and shes done it before, in fact in the dozen or so times shes been over to the house she has worn her shoes on the carpet.  And it made me angry, I mean seriously, there skate shoes, not even difficult to take on and off. The are GD slip ons. C’mon.

I just think its not to much to ask to get someone to take their shoes off before coming into my house. Even if it is company housing, its still my home.

‘This is My House, This is My Home’ is a song by ‘We Were Promised Jetpacks’ and the title of a season 8 finale of One Tree Hill, one of my favorite finales from all 9 seasons.

until next time

– be a river with me



One thought on “this is my house. this is my home

  1. yes its very rude not to take off your shoes when visiting. if unsure about what ti do then at the very least offer to take them off. we always take our slippers and without a doubt shoes come off at the door at our house.

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