holding out for a hero

i caught myself thinking about heros today, granted i was thinking about superheros but heros none the less. heros were on my mind.

so all day i was thinking about the idea of a  hero, and who i consider to be my heros and why they are my heros. so heres the list i came up with:

  1. My Parents; My mom is a cancer survivor, raised 3 kids and an adorable chocolate lab, has worked hard her entire life, works for hospice and is one of the greatest people i know. My dad is the rock in my family, he a guy who you want in your corner, he works harder then anyone i know and is the first person to help someone who needs it, he’s amazing and also one of the greatest people i know
  2. Bruce Springsteen; A kid from Jersey makes good and becomes a music icon. His songs have helped define a generation, to me, Springsteen IS music.
  3. Mindy Kaling; Better known as Kelly from the Office, shes a lovely woman who is hugely sucessful in hollywood and has never compromised herself, she isnt a size 0 and doesnt want to be. She makes me want to be proud of who i am and not let my body type stand in the way of who i want to be.
  4. Bethany Joy Lenz: I dont know if she one of my forever heros, but shes someone i try to emulate for sure. Shes a mom, a wife, an actor, a musican, a philantropist, a writer and so much more. She was the star of one of my favorite shows and is a super super awesome dresser. Shes just one of those people in Hollywood that I would legit want to be friends with.
  5. People who overcome: Ive been lucky enough to meet and befriend alot of interseting people, a large portion of them have ended up here because of their past, theres the former crack head, the former coke dealer whos thrice divorced, the Mormon whos family is less then perfect but he trys his hardest to make his familys life better, the former coke head who now owns 2 restraunts and is only a borderline alcholic and a handfull of other characters. They’ve all over come something, something that alot of people would balk at, something that would stop other people dead in there tracks. Those are the people I consider heros
  6. People who sacrifice themselves for the better of other people; Firefighters, Cops, Doctors without Borders, anyone in the military (any and all branches)… pretty much anyone who goes to work in the morning knowing that there is a good to somewhat good chance that they might night come back at the end of there shift

Holding out for a Hero is a song from Footloose, (check out the 2011 Ella Mae Bowen cover, its life-changing) and the title of a season 8 episode of One Tree Hill

until next time

– be a river with me

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