The Rewind Button- The White Album.

this is by far and away my favourite beatles album. HANDS DOWN!

Apart from ‘Girl’ all of my favourite Beatles songs are on this album. They all take me somewhere amazing and wonderful. Somewhere were everything around me stops, and the music is all that I have.  And as a bonus alot of them were featured in ‘Across The Universe’ which is one of my most beloved films…..mmmmm… Jim Sturgess and Joe Anderson….. Of the 32 songs on 4 sides. these are my favourite:

  1. While My Guitar Gently Weeps (chillllllllingly awesome)
  2. Dear Prudence (look around round round round…..)
  3. Blackbird (check out the Evan Rachel Wood cover…its haunting)
  4. Why Dont We Do It On The Road
  5. Sexy Sadie (It makes me want my name to be Sadie.)
  6. Happiness is a Warm Gun (bang bang shoot shoot)

they all just make me smile, i love the music and the feeling it gives me, its like a musical blanket. also if you think this one is gushy just wait for the Springsteen review…..its gonna be mind bending.

the album has such a cultural reference to it as well, it was a time where the messages the band was trying to send were blunt, they reference paul being the walrus, despite what John Hughes has to say about it in Ferris Bullers Day Off….

anywhoozle. i loved it. I listen to it often and will continue to.

until next time

-be a river with me



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