unopened letter to the world

this past week has been nucking futs. The cafe I run opened a day earlier then expected, there was huge drama around the town and within the company, and my staff is insane.

wheew. even typing that made me feel better.

unfortunantly something bad happened to the company this week, and i cant say what it was because of our “offical statement” but its sad and im not quite sure how to handle it. It calls the safety of our town into question and to be honest, it kinda scares me. i’ve lived in cities before and i know that bad stuff happens all the time but its a little tough to move past when it happens litterally close to home. and my parents are freaking out about it, which i find both sweet and overprotective at the same time. I feel bad that they feel helpless but at the same time, i AM being safe and i AM sad about it. I just wish they’d listen, although i know parents worry ALL the time despite what there kids say.

the cafe has been going swimingly however, things are moving and a shaking. the staff is still getting there sea-legs and im not sure whos gonna last and who isnt. but at least they all accept me for my craziness and at least pretend to laugh at my jokes. my bosses are also trusting me with more responsiblity then orgininally thought which is awesome because i get to show off how well i know the cafe and how it runs.

anywhoozle. that was an admitedly very wonky post, i just needed to get it out there and not to people i talk to everyday.

unopened letter to the world is a song by The Ataris, and the title of a season 2 One Tree Hill episode, like most of my posts đŸ™‚

until next time

– be a river with me


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