The Rewind Button- Kind of Blue

Theres a line in the  John Mayer song ‘Comfortable’ that I fell head over heels in love with the moment I heard it; “she swears that she’s artsy, but you could distinguish Miles from Coletrain” and ever since I heard it I wanted to be that girl, I wanted to be able to distingish Miles from Coletrain.

And I am happy to say, that I kinda can. I love jazz music and I love Miles. Miles Davis is widely considered as one of the most influental jazz musicans of all time, he played a roll in the development of several jazz movements, including jazz fusion. So many great musicians were part of his legendary ensembles at one point, including John Coletrain and Herbie Hancock.

Kind of Blue is a phenominal album, I love all the tracks. My favourte by far is ‘All Blues’ which at 11 minutes and 33 seconds is a bit long but god its good, the changes are seemless and  the trumpets are off the hook. This song is why KoB is the top selling jazz album of all time. It stays with you after the music ends, kinda like when you get a really great hug from a good smelling person and the smell of their colonge lingers on your clothes for a little bit.

I know alot of people dont give jazz the credit it diserves, its a fantastic genre that often gets likend to ‘elevator music’ or ‘waiting room music’ and thats not fair. Jazz is complex and wonderful, its the kind of music that can slip into the background of your day or be the star, its a love letter and a final lament. As much as I love and appreciate all other types of music (god help me I even appreciate Shrillex for the effort) in my opinion, is as true a form of music as one can find.  If jazz isnt your thing, then just put it on in the background while your cleaning, or toss it on the iPod as your walking dog, play it softly as you sleep. Just give it a whirl and see where you land. Cause you never know. Kind of Blue might just be the music you were missing in your life and you never even knew.

until next time

– be a river with me

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