you and me and the bottle makes three tonight

A good friend once told me “a lady should always keeps a cold beer in her fridge in case she has a gentleman guest”

this statement has helped me a time or two in my life, not gonna lie. but it was my saving grace the other night. It helped me find my mojo, my game came back.

About a week ago a bunch of us went to the bar and were just havin a time, foosball and pool, flip cup. all sorts of shenangians. so when the ugly lights came on and the music stopped we didnt want to stop so we all trickled out and made our way to a smatering of afterpartys, I ended up coming back to my place with my friends Rex and Monty (totally not their real names) who are 2 guys that work in town, Rex works at the pizza place and Monty works for Dean.

Luckilly i try to abide by the ‘keep a beer for guys’ rule so we all sat around the kitchen with our PBR’s  and just talked about living in Alberta. Then Monty and I went out for a smoke, and just talked. It was one of those conversations that were about everything and nothing at the same time. Then after a few more drinks and smokes Monty ran out of cigarettes, so he asked me for one,  the coveration kinda went like this:

Monty- Can I bum a smoke?

Me- Hmmmmm sure, but it’ll cost you

Monty- Cost me what?

Me- It’ll cost you a kiss

Monty- I was just gonna say that. 

So then we made out on the porch, a few minutes later Rex popped his head out and told us he was going home. We finished our smokes and then went inside, where he so very sweetly asked me what I wanted to do next, and me having found my mojo somewhere between asking 2 dudes back to my house and bartering kisses for smokes, said “not being to forward but, we could hang out in my room”

so we grabbed some beers and headed into my room. and im not gonna share the details but he left the next morning before any of my roommates woke up.

so i have my mojo back. its not as high as it was before the whole Archie thing but at least its back.

‘You and Me and The Bottle Makes Three Tonight’ is a season 6 episode of One Tree Hill and a song by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. I feel i dont need to explain why i picked it as todays title.

until next time.

– be a river with me


The Rewind Button- Are You Experienced?

Rock Out like Jimi has returned carrying brand new guitar strings

Rock Out like the mangos are in season

Rock Out like the record player wont skip

– Anis Mogani

what if Jimi came back?

would he tweet?

would he tour with the Biebs?

would he be in a hipster ad campaign?

would he blog??

would he have sued Napster ala Metallica?

would he preform on SNL?

would he have made guest appearances on the

the questions could go on for EVER.

Jimi Hendrix in 2012.

i think i just blew my own mind.

‘are you experienced’ is a PHENOMINAL album. Jimi (who is undoubtedly one of the greatest electric guitar players of all time just KILLS it on this album. Listen to ‘Fire’ and try to argue with me. Just try.

Top 3 Tracks:

Fire….lemme stand next to your fire….


Foxy Lady

download. play. repeat.

until next time

– be a river with me

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The Rewind Button: Abbey Road

Im 18 again. 

sitting in a dark theater. 

uncomfortable because im with my best friend and her new boy friend whos a bit of pertentious hipster 

the screen shows a pebbly beach, with a man sitting alone on it. 

the camera comes closer

its Jim Sturgess 

he opens his mouth

‘Girl’ by the Beatles fills the theater

im in love 

while ive always had a respect for the Beatles, i didnt fall in love with them until 2007.

When Across the Universe was released.  Ive mentioned the movie before in The Rewind Button, Evan Rachel Wood’s cover of ‘Blackbird’ is in a word, haunting.  I am willing to admit that of the 17 tracks, I know all the words to 6 of them, (Come Together, Something, Oh! Darling, I Want You, Here Comes the Sun and Because) Granted I know them from watching Across the Universe and far to many rom-coms.

Theres an magical quality that comes with Abbey Road, each song can stand on its own but on the same hand they work together to create this symphonic wonder, this album that has so many jems.

My top 2 songs would have to be ‘Something’ which is one of the greatest love letters ever written, and ‘Because’- love is old…love is new….

‘Something’ is one of those songs that makes me smile no matter what.  So naturally I LOVE Abbey Road

Now a days bands come and go like cars on the highway. But every now and again someone comes along that shakes up the music world. The Beatles, Elvis, Bob Dylan all the names on the Rewind Button’s list really. Theres jsut something about the music of the Beatles that sets them apart from so many other groups.  They were the first band to have a mania attached to them. There would be no ‘Little Monsters’, no ‘Beliebers’ , no ‘Dead Heads’, no ‘Parrot Heads’… hell there would probably be less Gleeks and Twi-hards (I am admitedly a low level Gleek and a Twi-Hard). The Beatles changed so much about the reception of music and its well diserved.

They are icons, the music, the album covers, the messages, the accents.. all things that the Beatles are respected for and right fully so.

Download the Beatles. find a song for your day and BLAST IT. sing along. sing like no one can hear you. Cause that what Abbey Road is, singing your heart out and not caring who hears.

until next time

– be a river with me

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the tide that left and never came back

i have a friend…lets call him Dean for now, and we have a bit of an odd relationship. We slept together the day we met and have made out a few times since then but nothing more serious then that. No one knows that we slept together though because one of us was in a relationship at the time.  So instead of anything more coming from that, we entered the “FZ”.

I wing-woman for him and lend him money when he needs it, he lets me hide at his place of business so no one can find me, he’s given me an open ended job offer that more then a few times ive wanted to take him up on. but we always stay just in that friends zone. which at the end of the day im ok with, i mean id rather be his friend then nothing at all to him.

I just am getting really sick of being in the zone with him, i mean hes a great guy, granted he does have his flaws, hes an ex-coke head whos a borderline alcholic who pisses away money. but who am i to judge? im a procrastinator who eats her feelings. what makes being in the ‘FZ’ with him even harder is the fact that I slept with his best friend not to long after he and I slept together, and have this weird relationship with his best friend (Archie, who I’ve mentioned before). Things between Archie and I are even more confusing then things with Dean, as Archie descirbed our realtionship, “We’re good friends who get naked for eachother”. Which is the better outcome then not having him in my world at all.

Archie and I get along so well, he calls me out on my bull shit and i do the same for him. He makes fun of me for being a Bruins fan who wears a Flames shirt every now and again (i own the shirt because i lived with 2 die-hard Flames fans this winter.) and i make fun of him for cheering for the Edmonton Oilers. We’re comfortable with eachother, but at the same time, so are Dean and I.

With Archie im the person i am right now, when im with Dean im the person i want to be. which may not make sence, but its true. im a better version of myself withDean or at least a little better. I dont think that Dean has seen me cry, which I tend to do quite frequently. Archie definitly has, but at the same time, I’ve seen Archie tear up a time or two.  i know neither of them see me the same way i see them and that stings, not gonna lie.

Why dont I diserve a shot with one of them? did i ruin it for myself by sleeping with them? did sleeping with them just put me on the fast track to the ‘FZ’? am i meant to be the eternal “funny girl whos a friend and only that…even though we hooked up once a million years ago?” maybe this is all because ive watched way to many rom-coms and have convinced my self that some day the good looking guy is gonna knock on my door and tell me that “im his exception” or have a great looking guy give me an impassioned speech about how much he loves me in the middle of some natural disaster.

anywhoozle. maybe im meant to be with one of them, maybe im not, but at least i have them in my world and we are friends.

until next time

– be a river with me.

* The Tide that left and never came back is the title of a Season 2 episode of One Tree Hill, and a song by The Veils. I picked it for this post because maybe the chance for having a romantic relationship with Dean or Archie is gone and wont come back a metaphoric tide if you will. *

The Rewind Button- The Velvet Underground and Nico

to be honest, i wasnt really stoked about this weeks album.

ive harbored this irrational dislike for Lou Reed for years, its  unwarnted and unexplainable but its just this thing i have against Lou Reed. So this album was a little bit of a struggle for me. I did however take a liking to a few of the songs, not enough to stop and see what the song was called.

i just have to get it out there and say that I am not a velvet underground fan, at all.

i cant even say why i didnt like it i just didnt.

sorry Velvet Underground fans, this gets a big head shake from me.

– until next time

be a river with me

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i and love and you

I realized latey that i toss the word love around quite freely and am ok with that. i think that people forget how to love things to easily now a days. and honestly that makes me sad.

i found a list i had written a few years back, about the time i moved to the town i live in now (so about 3 years and a million life lessons ago) and its pretty much stayed the same, with some additions but the gist is the same. so here it is. things i love:

my family. my friends. a hug from my mom. coffee. Bruce Springsteen. live music. watching live sports. the feeling of the sun on my face. being exactly who i am. memorizing movie quotes and song lyrics. porches and decks.holding hands. the rain. candles. the Kennedy’s. plaid. kissing in the snow. feeling like ive conqured something. seeing movies on opening night. meetings. taking notes. falling asleep to movies. seeing so many stars you cant count them. airplanes. john hughes movies. tatoos. tv so bad its good. flirting. The Mighty Ducks trilogy.twitter. ben affleck. having a song be the perfect soundtrack to what im doing. my friends kids. medical dramas. having faith in something and it paying off. being a part of something that matters. laughing so hard it hurts. the dallas stars, christmas movies. cuddling.knowing more about something then someone else. buying hats. having people miss me. cellphones. slam poetry. the boston bruins. re watching movies and re reading books. magazines. cowboy boots. men in suits. feeling loved. Moroccan oil. pendants that have meaning. rings. knowing secrets. men with beards. knowing pop-culture. honey garlic sauce. Almost Famous. when a crowd sings a national anthem. making someones day a little brighter. saying the our father. sitcoms. day time tv. being complimented. finding new music to love. updating my facebook profile pic. Pearson International Airport. being in a hockey pool. citing pop culture as a legitimate source. taking classes. baking. Mac and Cheese Loaf. boozy coffee. seeing my friends do well. bacon. accents. making plans. London, England. getting mail. saving the day. learning something new. sleeping on floors and couches. apartments. pistashios. when a guy wears nice shoes. accoustic versions. kissing a guy in the hallway. knowing the words.vegan soups. hearing songs on tv that i already have on my iTunes. making fresh foot prints in the snow. voice notes. rocking out to rap music as i get ready. feeling pretty. texting people I care about. showers. Anis Mojgani. Lying in the dark just listening. that i cry at awards shows.

This is me, these are my loves.

I and Love and You‘  is the title track of the Avett Brothers album ‘I and Love and You’ and the title of as season 7 episode of One Tree Hill

until next time

– be a river with me