i and love and you

I realized latey that i toss the word love around quite freely and am ok with that. i think that people forget how to love things to easily now a days. and honestly that makes me sad.

i found a list i had written a few years back, about the time i moved to the town i live in now (so about 3 years and a million life lessons ago) and its pretty much stayed the same, with some additions but the gist is the same. so here it is. things i love:

my family. my friends. a hug from my mom. coffee. Bruce Springsteen. live music. watching live sports. the feeling of the sun on my face. being exactly who i am. memorizing movie quotes and song lyrics. porches and decks.holding hands. the rain. candles. the Kennedy’s. plaid. kissing in the snow. feeling like ive conqured something. seeing movies on opening night. meetings. taking notes. falling asleep to movies. seeing so many stars you cant count them. airplanes. john hughes movies. tatoos. tv so bad its good. flirting. The Mighty Ducks trilogy.twitter. ben affleck. having a song be the perfect soundtrack to what im doing. my friends kids. medical dramas. having faith in something and it paying off. being a part of something that matters. laughing so hard it hurts. the dallas stars, christmas movies. cuddling.knowing more about something then someone else. buying hats. having people miss me. cellphones. slam poetry. the boston bruins. re watching movies and re reading books. magazines. cowboy boots. men in suits. feeling loved. Moroccan oil. pendants that have meaning. rings. knowing secrets. men with beards. knowing pop-culture. honey garlic sauce. Almost Famous. when a crowd sings a national anthem. making someones day a little brighter. saying the our father. sitcoms. day time tv. being complimented. finding new music to love. updating my facebook profile pic. Pearson International Airport. being in a hockey pool. citing pop culture as a legitimate source. taking classes. baking. Mac and Cheese Loaf. boozy coffee. seeing my friends do well. bacon. accents. making plans. London, England. getting mail. saving the day. learning something new. sleeping on floors and couches. apartments. pistashios. when a guy wears nice shoes. accoustic versions. kissing a guy in the hallway. knowing the words.vegan soups. hearing songs on tv that i already have on my iTunes. making fresh foot prints in the snow. voice notes. rocking out to rap music as i get ready. feeling pretty. texting people I care about. showers. Anis Mojgani. Lying in the dark just listening. that i cry at awards shows.

This is me, these are my loves.

I and Love and You‘  is the title track of the Avett Brothers album ‘I and Love and You’ and the title of as season 7 episode of One Tree Hill

until next time

– be a river with me


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