The Rewind Button: Abbey Road

Im 18 again. 

sitting in a dark theater. 

uncomfortable because im with my best friend and her new boy friend whos a bit of pertentious hipster 

the screen shows a pebbly beach, with a man sitting alone on it. 

the camera comes closer

its Jim Sturgess 

he opens his mouth

‘Girl’ by the Beatles fills the theater

im in love 

while ive always had a respect for the Beatles, i didnt fall in love with them until 2007.

When Across the Universe was released.  Ive mentioned the movie before in The Rewind Button, Evan Rachel Wood’s cover of ‘Blackbird’ is in a word, haunting.  I am willing to admit that of the 17 tracks, I know all the words to 6 of them, (Come Together, Something, Oh! Darling, I Want You, Here Comes the Sun and Because) Granted I know them from watching Across the Universe and far to many rom-coms.

Theres an magical quality that comes with Abbey Road, each song can stand on its own but on the same hand they work together to create this symphonic wonder, this album that has so many jems.

My top 2 songs would have to be ‘Something’ which is one of the greatest love letters ever written, and ‘Because’- love is old…love is new….

‘Something’ is one of those songs that makes me smile no matter what.  So naturally I LOVE Abbey Road

Now a days bands come and go like cars on the highway. But every now and again someone comes along that shakes up the music world. The Beatles, Elvis, Bob Dylan all the names on the Rewind Button’s list really. Theres jsut something about the music of the Beatles that sets them apart from so many other groups.  They were the first band to have a mania attached to them. There would be no ‘Little Monsters’, no ‘Beliebers’ , no ‘Dead Heads’, no ‘Parrot Heads’… hell there would probably be less Gleeks and Twi-hards (I am admitedly a low level Gleek and a Twi-Hard). The Beatles changed so much about the reception of music and its well diserved.

They are icons, the music, the album covers, the messages, the accents.. all things that the Beatles are respected for and right fully so.

Download the Beatles. find a song for your day and BLAST IT. sing along. sing like no one can hear you. Cause that what Abbey Road is, singing your heart out and not caring who hears.

until next time

– be a river with me

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