you and me and the bottle makes three tonight

A good friend once told me “a lady should always keeps a cold beer in her fridge in case she has a gentleman guest”

this statement has helped me a time or two in my life, not gonna lie. but it was my saving grace the other night. It helped me find my mojo, my game came back.

About a week ago a bunch of us went to the bar and were just havin a time, foosball and pool, flip cup. all sorts of shenangians. so when the ugly lights came on and the music stopped we didnt want to stop so we all trickled out and made our way to a smatering of afterpartys, I ended up coming back to my place with my friends Rex and Monty (totally not their real names) who are 2 guys that work in town, Rex works at the pizza place and Monty works for Dean.

Luckilly i try to abide by the ‘keep a beer for guys’ rule so we all sat around the kitchen with our PBR’s  and just talked about living in Alberta. Then Monty and I went out for a smoke, and just talked. It was one of those conversations that were about everything and nothing at the same time. Then after a few more drinks and smokes Monty ran out of cigarettes, so he asked me for one,  the coveration kinda went like this:

Monty- Can I bum a smoke?

Me- Hmmmmm sure, but it’ll cost you

Monty- Cost me what?

Me- It’ll cost you a kiss

Monty- I was just gonna say that. 

So then we made out on the porch, a few minutes later Rex popped his head out and told us he was going home. We finished our smokes and then went inside, where he so very sweetly asked me what I wanted to do next, and me having found my mojo somewhere between asking 2 dudes back to my house and bartering kisses for smokes, said “not being to forward but, we could hang out in my room”

so we grabbed some beers and headed into my room. and im not gonna share the details but he left the next morning before any of my roommates woke up.

so i have my mojo back. its not as high as it was before the whole Archie thing but at least its back.

‘You and Me and The Bottle Makes Three Tonight’ is a season 6 episode of One Tree Hill and a song by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. I feel i dont need to explain why i picked it as todays title.

until next time.

– be a river with me

One thought on “you and me and the bottle makes three tonight

  1. I love that I know almost everyone in this blog post except Monty! You may need to text me his real name. SO happy to hear your mojo is back and you’re feeling good!

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