sad songs for dirty lovers

its been awhile since i did a regular blog, its been kinda crazy in my world. I had a staffer quit, we had to fire another one and where setting up to fire another. We’ve also been hella busy at the cafe and i need to completely redo my bakery menu mid season because my boss thinks it “sucks” (it doesn’t, he just doesn’t get what i’m tossing out there)

so here it is, my ramblings.

the themes for the day are responsibility and live music.

my boss is a great guy, i consider us good friends and good partners in the fight against competition but lately i feel like he doesn’t care about my side. our company owns several restaurants in the area, i run one and he and 2 supervisors run another. i never feel the support that they do, i’ve been with the company longer then the 3 of them and still cant seem to be heard unless i make a stink. i know the saying ‘the squeaky wheel gets the grease’ but thats not how i was raised (my parents preached ‘work hard, the people that matter will notice hard work’ philosophy). it just sucks that there are 3 of them to cover issues over there and i am the only one at the cafe, i mean today was the first day off i’ve had since the 4th. I don’t want to resent my job and the people i work with and for but im slowly slipping there. I mean its just getting to much, i get 7 am phone calls nearly every day about shit that my boss can easily handle but he has a delightful habbit of turning his phone off at night, or on silent, or forgetting it somewhere. So i get the angry phone calls the higher-ups about meeting with the insurance guy or the health inspector on my day off because MY BOSS WONT KEEP HIS GD phone on!! Its frustrating to see myself slip because i cant be there everyday, but i care to much about what i do and who i work for to let shit slip, i refuse to fail at running the cafe  but i cant seem to get my footing because i just dont have the support from him.

so after a perticularly frustrating day with my boss i came home to a message from a friend that essentally said “live music. block away from your place. come now”  to which i replied “today killed me, sorry. i just dont think id be good company” and her response was “there playing Springsteen” and i ran over. it was there that i was reminded of one of my basic princapals of life, that live music fixes everything. within moments i was swept up in a world of folk covers and bluegrass gospel, and all my worries melted away. the band wasnt perticuallarly amazing but they were there and they did what i expect live music to do, it took me away. this happend last night as well. I went to the venue for one drink with a friend who has been out of town for awhile and got pulled into this wonderfull rock-operetta about Peter Pan and Wendy and songs about the life cycle of a dragonfly. the horn section was PHENOMINAL, who ever said a trumpet player cant be sexy has not seen Flying Foxes and The Hunter Gatherers cause their guy was AMAZING….

so i just got a bbm and a phone call about work so now i have to go calm the masses….

sometimes i hate cell phones.

but ill leave you with this little nugget of OTH wisdom

Every song has a CODA, a final movement. Whether it fades out or crashes away. Every song ends. Is that any reason not to enjoy the music? The truth is, there is nothing to be afraid of. It’s just life..

sad songs for dirty lovers is the title of a season 4 episode of One Tree Hill and the title of an album by the fantastically talented band ‘The National’

until next time

– be a river with me


The Rewind Button- Astral Weeks

Van Morrison,

What can I say about him that hasnt been said before? I dont know. But heres my best shot.

Van Morrison is an icon, a legand, an innovator and SO many more adjectives.

Astral Weeks is the album that changes rock and roll. It gets in your head. The insturmentals will trickle through your sub conscience when you least expect it. This 8 song album has had (and continues to have) such an impact on rock music, I mean Bono AND Bruce Springsteen credit Astral Weeks as inspiration (its been noted in the music community that Astral Weeks played a very large part in the recording of ‘Greetings from Asbury Park NJ’ (Springsteens 1st studio album)

I love Van Morrison, ‘Moondance’ is one of my favorite songs (I even love the Wallflowers cover that was featured in ‘American Wedding’) Astral Weeks has so many little gems hidden inside of it. I fell head over heels for ‘Ballerina’ this week.

There is something in Morrisons voice, its a quailty that I consider Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan and John Mayer to have  (yeah I love J.Mayer that much that I list him among these music giants). You cant decide if you want to listen to the insturuments or the lyrics. Think about Youngs’ ‘Helpless’ and try not to lose yourself the same way you do when ‘Ballerina’ comes on. I mean its magic.

Every week when I finish listening to the album of choice for The Rewind Button, I find myself on Wikipedia looking for some background info on it. This week I stumbled upon the ‘Ballerina’ page and found an incrediably poigant and shockingly accurate comment from Brian Hinton (a writer from an unnamed publication) “If anyone ever argues that Morrison cannot sing – an unlikely scenario anyway- then simply play them this. All human emotion is crystallised here, and subtly vocalised: desire, joy, hope, world weariness, consolation, awe and anticipation.”

Astral Weeks is epic, its a cornerstone in the foundation of the rock music that changed my life (Springsteen and my odd facination with U2 that we will delve into another time)

Fave Song- Ballerina

Song I skipped the 3rd listen around- Slim Slow Slider

until next time

– be a river with me


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The Rewind Button- BORN TO RUN

This is the week I have been waiting for since I joined The Rewind Button.


Springsteen is more then music to me, he’s something more.

I cant rememeber a time when I didnt have Springsteen in my life,  theres photos of me as a baby wearing a Born In the USA shirt, I wrote a paper on ‘Lonesome Day’ in my senior year of high school,  I have a Springsteen poster hanging over my bed, I cried when Clarence died. I’ve been hired for 2 seperate jobs because I mentioned that I loved Springsteen, I seriously love Bruce.

The 3rd of 17 studio albums, Born to Run is one of the most iconic and widely seen as his break out album. I would even go so far as to say that its in my top 5 favorite albums, (The Rising, Wrecking Ball, Born to Run, The River and Born in the USA). With only 8 tracks its small but mighty as hell.

There is not a track on this album dosent suck,  just listen to the sax on ‘Born To Run’, the lryics of ‘Thunder Road’, the shear awesomeness of ‘Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out’ will make you cry and I cannot get enough of ‘Meeting Across the River’.

Born to Run is one of those albums that makes me fall back in love with Bruce every time. Theres something about him and his music that affects me in a way that no other artist can. I am taking a week off work this summer to go see his only Canadian tour date with my parents and my older brother and its going to be a dream come true, I am going to be in the same room as BRUCE MOTHER F*ING SPRINGSTEEN!! I have waited since I was old enough to say ‘Springsteen’ to go see him live. and now its less then 50 days away .

I love the album, I love Bruce, and to end this week I want to leave you with an excerpt from a speech that President Obama gave in 2009 when Bruce was awarded with Kennedy Centre Honours,

Finally we honor the quiet kid from Jersey who grew up to become the rock and roll laureate of a generation. For in the life of our country, only a handful of people have tapped the full power of music to tell the real American story with honesty, from the heart, and one of those people is Bruce Springsteen. He has said, I’ve always believed that people don’t listen to your music to find out about you, they listen to your music to find out about themselves. And for more then three decades his songs of dreams and despair, struggle and hope, hardworking folks have seen themselves. They’ve seen there great state of New Jersey and they’ve seen there America. In songs that become anthems. Restless kids who were Born to Run, the struggles of workers in My Hometown, the sacrifices of vets who were Born In the USA, love and loss on the Streets of Philadelphia, the resilient nation in The Rising, this year a country Working On A Dream. Its no wonder that his tours are not so much concerts but communities. There’s a place for everybody. The sense that no matter who you are or what you do everyone disserves there shot at the American Dream. Everybody disserves a little bit of dignity, everybody disserves to be heard.

until next time,

– be a river with me

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The Rewind Button- Nevermind


Nevermind was released September 1991, I was 4.

Nirvana has never been one of those bands that I NEED to listen to.

to be perfectly honest, ive never really played in to the myth of Kurt Cobain.

Admitedly yes, he was a extremely talented musician but there have been SO many of those. granted ‘Nevermind’ did pave the way for alt rock acts that I do love (Jacks Mannequin, blink 182, Wakey! Wakey, Fall Out Boy, Said The Whale) so im thankful for that.

I do love ‘Come as You are’ in fact it was the only Nirvana song i had on my iTunes before ‘Nevermind’ this week. The drumming on the album was OUT OF THIS WORLD!! Reason 10009181 why I love me some Dave Grohl. I have to say that i will now probably not go out of my way to listen to Nirvana but I wont say no to some.

until next time (BORN TO RUN!!!! WHOO Springsteen!)

– be a river with me


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The Rewind Button- Blood on the Tracks

this is the 3rd Dylan album we’ve reviewed and by far this was my favorite, i didnt recgonize any of the tracks by name but now i will.

Alot of these tracks made me think of how awesome they’d be for sound tracks, so I checked out ‘’  (which is a FANTASTIC database of music used in movies and tv shows) and saw what songs had been used from ‘BotT’ and was surprised by how many of the songs had made there way into shows that ive loved for years.

I fell head over heels for Lilly Rosemary and The Jack of Hearts, such an amazing song. Dylan is a storyteller and this song is the epitome of his abilities. I listened to it 3 times in a row and was still in love with it. I also really enjoyed Meet Me in the Morning.

for the unknown (to me) Dylan album on the list I couldn’t have been more impressed with what I heard, this has definitely become my new favourite Dylan album.

until next time

– be a river with me