The Rewind Button- Blood on the Tracks

this is the 3rd Dylan album we’ve reviewed and by far this was my favorite, i didnt recgonize any of the tracks by name but now i will.

Alot of these tracks made me think of how awesome they’d be for sound tracks, so I checked out ‘’  (which is a FANTASTIC database of music used in movies and tv shows) and saw what songs had been used from ‘BotT’ and was surprised by how many of the songs had made there way into shows that ive loved for years.

I fell head over heels for Lilly Rosemary and The Jack of Hearts, such an amazing song. Dylan is a storyteller and this song is the epitome of his abilities. I listened to it 3 times in a row and was still in love with it. I also really enjoyed Meet Me in the Morning.

for the unknown (to me) Dylan album on the list I couldn’t have been more impressed with what I heard, this has definitely become my new favourite Dylan album.

until next time

– be a river with me


2 thoughts on “The Rewind Button- Blood on the Tracks

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