The Rewind Button- Nevermind


Nevermind was released September 1991, I was 4.

Nirvana has never been one of those bands that I NEED to listen to.

to be perfectly honest, ive never really played in to the myth of Kurt Cobain.

Admitedly yes, he was a extremely talented musician but there have been SO many of those. granted ‘Nevermind’ did pave the way for alt rock acts that I do love (Jacks Mannequin, blink 182, Wakey! Wakey, Fall Out Boy, Said The Whale) so im thankful for that.

I do love ‘Come as You are’ in fact it was the only Nirvana song i had on my iTunes before ‘Nevermind’ this week. The drumming on the album was OUT OF THIS WORLD!! Reason 10009181 why I love me some Dave Grohl. I have to say that i will now probably not go out of my way to listen to Nirvana but I wont say no to some.

until next time (BORN TO RUN!!!! WHOO Springsteen!)

– be a river with me


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