The Rewind Button- Astral Weeks

Van Morrison,

What can I say about him that hasnt been said before? I dont know. But heres my best shot.

Van Morrison is an icon, a legand, an innovator and SO many more adjectives.

Astral Weeks is the album that changes rock and roll. It gets in your head. The insturmentals will trickle through your sub conscience when you least expect it. This 8 song album has had (and continues to have) such an impact on rock music, I mean Bono AND Bruce Springsteen credit Astral Weeks as inspiration (its been noted in the music community that Astral Weeks played a very large part in the recording of ‘Greetings from Asbury Park NJ’ (Springsteens 1st studio album)

I love Van Morrison, ‘Moondance’ is one of my favorite songs (I even love the Wallflowers cover that was featured in ‘American Wedding’) Astral Weeks has so many little gems hidden inside of it. I fell head over heels for ‘Ballerina’ this week.

There is something in Morrisons voice, its a quailty that I consider Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan and John Mayer to have  (yeah I love J.Mayer that much that I list him among these music giants). You cant decide if you want to listen to the insturuments or the lyrics. Think about Youngs’ ‘Helpless’ and try not to lose yourself the same way you do when ‘Ballerina’ comes on. I mean its magic.

Every week when I finish listening to the album of choice for The Rewind Button, I find myself on Wikipedia looking for some background info on it. This week I stumbled upon the ‘Ballerina’ page and found an incrediably poigant and shockingly accurate comment from Brian Hinton (a writer from an unnamed publication) “If anyone ever argues that Morrison cannot sing – an unlikely scenario anyway- then simply play them this. All human emotion is crystallised here, and subtly vocalised: desire, joy, hope, world weariness, consolation, awe and anticipation.”

Astral Weeks is epic, its a cornerstone in the foundation of the rock music that changed my life (Springsteen and my odd facination with U2 that we will delve into another time)

Fave Song- Ballerina

Song I skipped the 3rd listen around- Slim Slow Slider

until next time

– be a river with me


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