The Rewind Button- John Lennon/ Plastic Ono Band


John Lennon is an icon, any one who disagrees is an idiot quite frankly.

i dont like Yoko Ono. Im just gonna be honest from the get go, she broke up one of the most influental bands in history and frankly she annoys me.

This album however does not annoy me. I really enjoyed it. I listened to ‘Working Class Hero’ and ‘God’ 5 times in a row. I LOVED it!  As much as I dislike Yoko, I do respect her as a musician and  the impact she had on music.

This album what I like to call a love letter album. Its a love letter for music fans. Its something that John Lennon sent out there into the world (well to be totally honest, it was Apple Records that sent it out. *Sidebar…if you have a few free minutes check out the Wikipedia page on Apple Records its kinda cool*)

JL/POB is widely thought of as one of Lennon’s greatest solo albums, the perfect blend of artistic and personal integrity. Its a snap shot of Lennon’s mind at the time.  And what an amazing shot it is. Although I do have to say that of his 12 solo albums this ranks JUST behind 1971’s Imagine. (like you dont know the words to Imagine and kinda want to learn it in sign language ala ‘Glee’)

I dug a little deeper into ‘Working Class Hero’ and learnt a lot, its a song about the working class being “sucked into the machine of middle class” as Lennon said in a Rolling Stone interview. Its been covered by some AMAZING artists (Cyndi Lauper, Ozzy Osborne and Green Day) Green Day did a cover of it for Instant Karma: The Amnesty International Campaign to Save Darfur’  a compilation album of various artists covering Lennon songs to benefit Amnesty International‘s campaign to well Save Darfur. Its an amazing album that has a lot of JL/POB songs on it.  If you haven’t checked it out, i suggest you do.

Over all this is an awesome album that has spawned an amazing compilation album for a good cause. Take some time out of your day and check out these two albums. Good music and a good cause, you really cant go wrong.

I know i did this with ‘Thriller’ but heres another cover of my favorite song on the album, enjoy!

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I Slept with Someone in Fall Out Boy and All I Got Was This Stupid Song Written About Me

so its been awhile since i life posted and im in the mood to rant.

So Monty and I slept together a month or so ago and instantly entered friend zone, which bothered me but the mature part of me thinks hey, better to be a friend then nothing. But the emotional, girly, and hormonal part of me was sad about that, i wanted that something more.

So for the past while we’ve been friends and its been OK, not great but OK. I am really good friends with Dean, his boss so we hang out, and Dean and I have a really good give and take, and Monty has kind of assumed that we have what Dean and I have, but we dont. I realized just now that what I thought was an attempted hook up chance was really just Monty using me for booze, so I walked away.

It just pisses me off that he thinks he can use me for that, i mean yeah I would have gotten drinks if we would have hung out and talked and maybe something more, but saying “Well… Im drunk and want another drink” is not the way to get me to come to your house (also, he totally wanted to play Halo in Deans apartment while Dean and his lady friend [lets call her Seabiscut cause she looks like a horse] have …. ya know) which yeah, im not down for a- because of my lingering feelings for Dean, b- thats straight up weird, c- i dont enjoy Halo, i have a real life, d- I am a human being who prefers not to be used for booze and smokes I AM NOT A GD 7-11!! and finally e- you dont play a fictional war game in your friends house while they have “company” regardless if they’re in the bedroom and your in the living room its just not right…in any circumstance.

So there it is… my rant against Monty. It really doesn’t solve anything but it saves me a long distance phone call to the East to hash it out with my friends who have real people jobs.

“I Slept with Someone in Fall Out Boy and All I Got Was This Stupid Song Written About Me” is an episode of One Tree Hill (Season 3) and how i feel about Monty, I sleep with you and get nothing, i dont even get a song or a morning coffee…asshole. (its also a Fall Out Boy song, which is a clutch title)


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The Rewind Button- Catch Up Edition

its been a busy few weeks in town.

ill try to do a life update super soon, todays just gonna be a catch up sesh.

Thriller- Michael Jackson

I will openly admit, I do not enjoy Michael Jacksons music. I respect him as a musician who influenced a lot of post 1987 music but I personally will not spend a cent on his music.

I am a 90’s/ 2000 kid. I never got into MJ. and i am in no way sorry about it. I did really enjoy Billie Jean on this album and the Thriller video was cool but to the ‘King of Pop’ i say “meh”. I for one don’t think he is the “King” i think he is a creepy man who did bad stuff to innocent people and dangled a baby over a balcony.

I actually found a cover of Billie Jean that I legitimately enjoyed more then the original, the Chris Cornell cover (ex Audioslave member, currently in Soundgarden) check it out here:

The Great Twenty Eight- Chuck Berry

I LOVE Chuck Berry.

When I was a kid, every time my Grandad got into the car, Rockin Robin would come on. So to me, Chuck Berry is an instant smile maker because i think of my Poppa.

LOVE LOVE LOVE this album.

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