The Rewind Button- Catch Up Edition

its been a busy few weeks in town.

ill try to do a life update super soon, todays just gonna be a catch up sesh.

Thriller- Michael Jackson

I will openly admit, I do not enjoy Michael Jacksons music. I respect him as a musician who influenced a lot of post 1987 music but I personally will not spend a cent on his music.

I am a 90’s/ 2000 kid. I never got into MJ. and i am in no way sorry about it. I did really enjoy Billie Jean on this album and the Thriller video was cool but to the ‘King of Pop’ i say “meh”. I for one don’t think he is the “King” i think he is a creepy man who did bad stuff to innocent people and dangled a baby over a balcony.

I actually found a cover of Billie Jean that I legitimately enjoyed more then the original, the Chris Cornell cover (ex Audioslave member, currently in Soundgarden) check it out here:

The Great Twenty Eight- Chuck Berry

I LOVE Chuck Berry.

When I was a kid, every time my Grandad got into the car, Rockin Robin would come on. So to me, Chuck Berry is an instant smile maker because i think of my Poppa.

LOVE LOVE LOVE this album.

until next time

– be a river with me

**forgot this… Check out the rest of the group:



3 thoughts on “The Rewind Button- Catch Up Edition

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