Rewind on the Rewind- 2nd Catch Up

I’ve been SUPER bad at this but life has gotten rediculous lately. This will be one of 3 posts today, sorry about that. but not sorry at the same time

So Ive missed a couple weeks and here are my rambles about the missed albums:

Innervisions- Stevie Wonder.  Stevie Wonder is an icon, lets all admit that. If you dont agree stop reading this right now. Cause I am gonna praise him. This is his 16th of 23 solo albums (plus 4 live and 11 compliation albums) its awesome. I cant even pick a favorite song, its SW. C’mon folks, put it on and let the world slip into something magic.

Live at the Apollo- James Brown. James…. sweet sweet James another icon. I loved the entire album.

Rumours- Fleetwood Mac. I love Fleetwood Mac… theres something about them that just makes me smile, one of my favourite Glee episodes is one that payed homage to the famous group. ‘Dont Stop’ and ‘Go My Own Way’ are defs my top picks for the album… i mean c’mon.


The Joshua Tree- U2. My 2nd fave U2 album (right behind ‘All that you cant leave behind’) for several reasons, namely one particular song featured on the album; ‘One Tree Hill’. Yup, I love it for the song that became the title of one of my top 3 shows of all time (Resuce Me, One Tree Hill and The West Wing) Its a beautiful song that just makes me smile. TJH also features: Where The Streets have No Name AND! I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For. 3 AMAZING songs by an iconic band. Win for music. Straight Up Win.

Best 5 mins of the show.

King of the Delta Blue Singers- Robert Johnson. Not a fan, didnt see the appeal on this one.  Me and the Devil Blues was kinda great though.

until next time

– be a river with me



8 thoughts on “Rewind on the Rewind- 2nd Catch Up

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