throwing some one under a bus….not literally

Todays post is about ‘Sewering’ people.

Sewering is when you throw someone under a bus, essentially its cock-block (or clam jam) in life. Anytime some one prevents you from doing something (or someone) its a sewer.

thats the prologue to this weeks rant.

So Monty and I developed a pretty good relationship, none of the “fun” stuff but we had a good time. He’d come visit me at work and we’d play foosball at the bar. It was a solid friendship. But then Brenda came along, (not her real name).

Brenda and I have been friends for awhile, she was one of my good friends here in town, but she always kinda bugged me. She was never the kind of friends who would stop there life to help you, she constantly forgot her debit card when we went out for meals, she prided herself on not showering after hiking, she would sleep with any guy that even feigned interest. She had sewered me last summer, I told her I had a thing for one of the bartenders in town, Kenny (again not real name) and THAT NIGHT SHE SLEPT WITH HIM!! So that was strike one, and I could deal with that, she also slept with a mutual friend and tried to brag about him to me and told me that “One day I’ll be able to sleep with someone like him” ummmm he and I are friends and he told me about there “encounter” and it was less then impressive.

So this summer she comes to visit, we went out for some drinks with friends, this was after Monty and I hooked up. I told her outright “Bud, I have a thing for Monty, can you please not f**k him?” and her response was, “For sure”. The NEXT MORNING they come into the cafe, HOLDING HANDS! FOR BREAKFAST! there are 6 other places in town to eat breakfast, and they come into mine? WTF! So they started “dating” which here in Waterton means “We’re gonna sleep together and maybe go on a hike together, but not sleep with anyone else” . They kept eating at the cafe and the other restaurant we own. Me, being the mature one, ignored them. The best part is, that her brother…lets call him Jason, works for me. So called him out on it, and he said “Yeah she mentioned that you said something, but she was pretty black out wasted that night” so… she remembers me saying it but it to ‘blackout’ to remember? thats fucked up.  Luckily when this was all going down, my best friend CJ came to visit. So I had her and Dean to distract me.

He confronted me one day at a baseball game, and asked if I was mad at him, and I told him no, cause I wasn’t.  Its my own fault for not being honest with him about how I felt. Her on the other hand I was PISSED at.  I mean really?  what kind of girl does that? I mean c’mon!

I talked to Dean about it and he was super awesome, he was going to hire her to serve (and steal from him, i caught her stealing from her previous employer, but if you don’t have morals then i guess you have no morals) for the rest of the season but didn’t because of me. Which i don’t even feel bad about, don’t sewer me and then ask one of my best friends for a job, thats a stupid idea.

So they continued to see each other, he even made plans to go see her back East for Thanksgiving. Yeah that fell through, as he described it “sometimes things don’t work out”. I think its safe to say that Brenda cheated, cause thats what she does, she has no moral compass and is perpetually headed ‘due Slut’

Monty and I are still friends, we talk every now and again but its not like before, and I’m ok with that. He was a satellite friend before we slept together and after. I don’t really care either way, I was really only nice to him at the beginning because he worked for Dean. Dean and I’s friendship is what matters to me, not me and Monty.

Anywhoozle. thats my rant on Brenda.

Coming Soon- my rant on Jason who perpetually sewers me at work.

until next time

– be a river with me


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