being an adult in Eastern Standard Time

i havent lived at my parents house for longer then 4 months at a time since I was 17 years old. I moved to another city for university and then shortly after graduating, I moved out West.

I come home for a visit roughly every 6 months or so. Staying for at least a week but no more than 3.

Every time I fly back East there are some rituals that are observed

  1. My mother and I go see as many movies in the theater as possible, the more chick flicks the better
  2. My dad and I have an in depth conversation about hockey during which my mother sits and looks at me like i am the martian child
  3. My younger brother calls me a hipster, then procedes to quote ‘The Chive’
  4. My older brother and I take turns calling my little brother ‘The Hipster Child’
  5. I plot to see CJ in whatever way I can
  6. SOOOO much Sushi and Starbucks is consumed its redonk
  7. I get caught up on the gossip for: The Young & The Restless, The Bold and The Beautiful, The Good Wife and Duck Dynasty (Yes Avery and Nick are sleeping together, no i cant believe Steffy is preggers, THAT is the guy who played Logan in the Gilmore Girls! and Jace is a babe.)
  8. My dog goes bananas and I spoil her with apples and carrots.
  9. I always end up watching ‘The Young Victoria’

and 10- We visit family.

Most of my extended family lives about 3 hours North of my parents, and have pretty much my entire life. And to be honest, I love that. The 3 hour buffer between us and them is magical. It lets you calm down or get revved up. I enjoy it.

My family is the assortment of characters and I dig that about them

My Grandma, who I affectionally call G (everyone else calls her Grams) is my only living grandparent. G I have gotten a lot closer since my Poppa passed away 6 years ago, I think its because I’m the only other single woman in the family, and the fact that I’m awesome. She’s the woman who literally has something planned EVERY SINGLE DAY! She has a busier social life then I do, and I live in a resort town!  Shes awesome, despite some health problems she’s still given’r all the time

My Aunts. Both my mom and my dad only have sisters, and they couldnt be more different. My Aunt Emily is a Soccer Mom who reads the same books AT THE SAME TIME as her kids do for school. My Aunt Norah is a school teacher who tries really hard to be cool. And then theres my favourite relative in my entire family next to my parents and brothers, Aunt Annie.

Aunt Annie is the family member I see the least but love the most, she’s always been my idol. She’s this balls to the wall- take no shit from no one woman who is amazing. I went to her house in Toronto with my parents the other day and was reminded just how awesome she is. We come over right after the hugs and pleasantries, she hands my dad a Fresca, (yeah Fresca, its delightful) and goes right to the red wine for my mom. Then asks me what I want

Annie- Wine kid?

Me- Sure!

Annie- White or Red? 

Me- Ummm Red’s fine

Annie- I’m opening both!

Me- White then

Annie- OR! I have Champagne! 

Me- Champagne!!

My Mom hates champagne but both her sisters and I love it.  So Annie and I proceeded to drink an entire bottle of champagne while my mom sips on one glass of Merlot, then my aunt brings out the snacky bits.  My parents are ‘cheese plate’ people, they love them. So Annie brings out cheese and crackers and then asks if we want pate. My mother shakes her head and my dad stays silent, I smile. So Annie and I had champagne and pate, which is one of my top 5 favourite meals of all time. Then we just sat and talked while my dad watched the hockey game (which, as a side note, I am SOOOO happy that hockey is back this season )

Annie is my only Aunt that makes me feel like I’m myself. I don’t have to be overly polite or complacent, I can be honest and say what is actually on my mind. Life keeps trying to keep her down but she wont let it. She has a great house, 2 kids that love her and a grandson that is possibly the cutest kid ever to walk this earth. And she keeps Pate and Champagne on hand, she rocks.

I have also gotten to see CJ a few times, and that is awesome. We’ve become closer since I moved away and I am so glad and thankful for that friendship. I have also seen my best friend Monika who was in Nepal the past few times I’ve been back. I missed Monkia, she’s been a great friend and a constant sounding board for a lot of things in my life.

The point of the whole blog is that this visit home was different. Usually I feel like a teenager who hasn’t quite found her footing in life yet. But this time I don’t feel like that. I feel like a grown up and got treated as such by my family, and I have to say, that feels pretty good.



‘The League’ and me

leauge tebowits just about 6:30 on a Saturday night, and I am sitting alone in a hotel suite in Kelowna with the heat cranked up in a desperate attempt to dry my lucky jeans before leaving for a 6am flight back to my hometown to spend some quality time with my family back East.  

I’ve spent the last few days here in Beautiful British Colombia (thats what the licence plates here say, true story)  spending some time on a ski hill. not that i skied or anything i sat on a friends couch and ate caramel corn and watched Netflicks. It was awesome! I didn’t HAVE to do anything!! despite a few mild hiccups at the beginning of the trip its been great here in BC. It was amazing to see my friends and get some QT with them, and some time to myself. 

During my lazy days I had the chance to catch up on a few tv shows that i have been sorely negligent at keeping up with, the FX sleeper hit ‘The League’ mainly. 

The League is rapidly becoming one of my new favourite shows, in fact i just added it to my favourite TV shows on Facebook. I’m that into it right now, its this amazing show about 6 friends who are in a fantasy football league together. As a woman I love it because the men in it are totally my type (with the slight exception of the character of Ruxin) and as a sports fan I love it as well. The 5 main characters are all people I have  had in my life at some point, 

Pete- The Boyishly Charming Silver Tounge Devil…. Dean is my Pete, hes charming but sneaky as all get out. Both share a distaste for imported fruity beers. Also, the comedic genius Mark Duplass plays Pete he is magic

Kevin- The Loveable Guy that is always THIS close to getting what he wants…. my roommate Alan is the Kevin. Actually Alan is the one who got me started on the League.

Ruxin- The Cunning One- this goes to Nick one of my other roommates. I cant even begin to describe how similar they are 

Andre- The Mercilesly Mocked One- This goes to another roommate, JP. He’s a wanna be thug who wears more Ed Hardy and Bench then any person who isnt in a cheap sorority should. 

Taco- The Platypus/Frittata/Stoner/Unsung Genius- Taco is hands down my favorite character on the show. He gave us the term ‘Eskimo Brother’ and ‘Vaginal Hubris’. this is a tough one. Ive known many a Taco’s in my day, so many that i cant even pin point one kick ass name to give you. But I will say this, the Taco is the best part of any group of friends

Jenny- The Girl Who Knows her Sports– Jenny is one of my  TV idols, she’s a smart ass who knows her sports and isnt afraid to say or do what she wants. Shes awesome.