Recipe- Gluten Free Savoury Magic Sauce…….. yeah thats right

a few weeks ago, we had sweet magic sauce. this week its savoury. Mainly cause I am a firm believer that you need sweet and savoury in your life. And also, because I really wanted something salty to eat.


1 large white onion, sliced 

3 bell peppers sliced (I used Red, Green and Yellow) 

1 cup spinach 

1/4 cup water 

2 cups Low Fat Cottage Cheese 

1 tbsp honey

1 tsp salt 

2 tbsp Vegan Margarine Spread 

Sauteing the pepper and onions with 1 tbsp of the margarine, salt and the honey until soft , then blend with the water, spinach and cottage cheese until smooth.

Then you are good to go!

Its an easy dip thats perfect for veggies and crackers. The entire thing is only 4 Weight Watchers Points, is Vegetarian friendly (make it vegan friendly by using Agave Syrup  and Vegan Sour Cream instead of Cottage Cheese and Honey) and its Gluten Free!!

Try it as substitute for sour cream on tacos, nachos, or pierogies… really with anything that you use sour cream in. I tried it as a new salad dressing and it was awesome, it would also make a great  filling for the BARWM Beggars Purse.

until next time

– be a river with me


the lonesome road

CJ pointed out to me when she came to visit that I always live with attractive people. And I thought about it for like a second then it slipped my mind.

It came up again a few weeks ago when I listed my current roommates to someone from head office, and they said the same thing.

90% of the time I love the guys I live with, but that other 10% I hate that Im the “girl roommate” it puts me in instant “friend zone” and i HATE it! I live with 4 amazing guys who are all babes in there own ways. And I know nothing can or will ever happen with them and if I am being honest (and i usually am here). Yes I have slept with one of them, (Jack)  but that was YEARS before we lived together.

I’m the girl they live with, the one who watches the Y&R and tears up at Glee, but a part of me will always want them to see me as just a girl.

Its kind of like Dean and I, I know that were friends and I love that about us and I do love that I’m friends with Alan, Nick, JP and Jack… but it hurts that I’m always going to be in the FZ, never anything more than that. At least with Dean and Monty I got to have sex first and then go into FZ.

I dont want to be the perpetual friend, it sucks. But at the same time, this lonely heart has seen way to many RomComs to count myself out of the game… I mean if Ginnifer Goodwin can get the guy at the end of almost any movie she’s in than maybe theres still a glimmer of hope for me yet. or maybe I still need to work at  get my confidence/mojo back.

I did have a great moment of confidence at BettyLivin’s AMAZING wedding last month, I had a great time with one of the grooms men but just couldn’t close (wow that sounds crass) but who knows…maybe I need a few almost awesome moments before I get to where I’m supposed to be.

‘The Lonesome Road’ is the title of a Season 2 episode of One Tree Hill and a song by the late great Frank Sinatra, i feel that no explanation is needed for why I picked it for todays post

until next time

– be a river with me

Recipe- Beggars Purse ‘BARWM’ style

yes, BARWM is Be A River With Me, shortened.

when i first moved out West  I worked at a resort and they had this vegetarian entree called a baggers purse. It was this heavenly pocket of deliciousness…..

I have tried so hard to remember what was in it, but cant seem to remember all of the ingredients. I know it had sauteed onions and goat cheese in a golden brown Phylo Pastry. Other than that I just cant remember.

So…I made my own tonight, heres what you need for 2 grown up sized “purses”

Beggars Purses BARWM Style 

1 roll of pre-made crescent dough

1/2 cup mushrooms

1/4 cup spinach

1/2 cup cheese (your call on this one, I like Brie or Cheddar, make sure its something that melts nicely)

2 tbsp of cream cheese (I didn’t have any plain, so I used Philly Onion Chip Dip)

and a tea spoon of margarine or butter.

pre heat your oven to 35o and grease your pan

Take 2 triangles of the dough and make a square (pinch them together) then load on the stuff. I like going mushrooms, spinach, cheese and cream cheese. Than take 2 more pieces of the dough and top the base, pinch the sides, and make a “pocket”, rub a little margarine on top, peirce the top so some steam can get out, then repeat on the next one.

toss them in the oven for about 15 minutes or until golden brown.

then your all set!

Ways To Jack’em Up:  Add ANY veggie you like! Satuee them if your feeling crazy, add a differnt kind of cheese or several different types of cheese, sub ranch dressing for cream cheese, add some meat (pre-cooked)

Like all the recipes i post here, have FUN with it. Add what you like! Cooking should be an adventure, not a chore. Try new things, new flavours, new methods, you never know when you’ll find that dish of that becomes your signature dish.

until next time

– be a river with me