dont dream its over

A few months ago I wrote about love,  and wrote this list of the things i love the most in the whole world. One of those things is music, and thats what today’s blog is about. I love music, its basic and pure and wonderfull and the only thing in my world other then the love of my family that seems to be constant. So here it is, my ramblings about music, ive seen all of them live. Some will have sweet vids attached and some wont. Some fit perfectly into a genre, and some dont. So enjoy, download and go see these guys, most of them are honest and hard working people who love music.

Joshua Cockerill and the Animal Parts- I saw these guys week or so ago, and they ROCK!! I’ve seen Josh play a handful of times before at the Twin Butte Store. This is his second album, and DAMN its good.  Josh plays with such a passion its insane, his songs have so much heart and passion in them that its impossible not to smile. Watching him play is mesmerizing (and hes super good looking as a wonderful bonus). Lyric that will make you swoon: “I wrote you this song among so many, some songs should rhyme and some songs should not”

Best Tracks (from both albums)- Further West, Dance With Me and King of Kings heres the vid for King Of Kings.

Greg Cockerill- yes, he is Josh’s brother its not just 2 dudes with the last name Cockerill. Like Josh ive seen him live several times and loved all the shows and there both easy on the eyes. Gregs got this sound to him that literally stops conversations. He has been described as “the perfect blend of Rock, Country and Pop- bridging the gap between Indie and Commercial music”, and i agree. His lyrics are beautiful and honest he writes alot about this feeling of restlessness and i think thats something that i really connect with. With 2 awesome albums (The Greg Cockerill Band ‘Summertime & Heartache’ and Greg Cockerill ‘Festuca’) there are plenty of awesome tracks to enjoy. On S&H he even covers Springsteen’s County Fair, which is AWESOME, and thats coming from a hard core Springsteen fan. Lyric that will make you swoon:’Roses and Cocaine they fade away, they leave you with only lies and broken hearts bright lights and purfumes well they say, are one more lie to get you through the day’ 

Best Tracks (from both albums)- Motel Bible, Roses and Coke, Sorry and Without You.

Arkells- I LOVE these guys!! I went to school with them and Max the lead singer even stepped on my toes once at a concert. They released there 2nd album this past year and it is AWESOME! There first album, Jackson Square has a spot in my heart that no band will ever replace. I’ve listened to JS so much that if we were still on the vinyl train I would have worn it out long ago. The new album, Michigan Left is also KILLER!! You can tell that the bands come into there own a little more, the sound is a bit sharper and tighter, and Max’s vocals are in a different depth. Each song has so much beauty and passion in it, they become storys. I feel a connection to the Arkells that I have never felt with any other band, they reference things that I know, they sing about places ive been. There connected to my early twenties, i was figuring out who i wanted to be and i had the Arkells as a soundtrack. Lryic that will make you swoon: ‘your eyes light up, always the same, like i was taking you on our first date’

Best Tracks (again from both albums)- On Paper, I’m Not The Sun, The Choir, Kiss Cam, Tragic Flaw and Where U Goin?. heres the vid for Where U Going, its epic.

NQ Arbuckle– of all the nights ive lived, the night i saw NQ would have to be in my Top-Ten-Most Awesome. It was a night that makes me smile thinking about it. One of those nights where everything is perfect. He sang 2 of my favorite songs and it was just a great night. Dean and I had an emotional sing along to ‘My Baby’ that I dont think i will ever forget. NQ is an icon in this town, hes got so much heart that its hard not to like him. I’m trying to think of the words to describe him and his effect on my world and im stuck. He’s bent he soundtrack to so many Waterton moments that i feel like i should pay him. Lyric that makes you fall in love- ‘my baby calls just to tell me she loves me and she dances like a beauty

Best Songs- XOK, My Baby, I Liked You Right From the Start (the bar he talks about is my winter home), Marco Polo and The Autum Leaves.

Cam Penner-She got love in her bones and fire in her hips, she shake it to the right and then to the left. I wonder over, to get to know her, he lips taste like gin, her skin like summer” those are the opening line to ‘Throw Your Hands Up” one of Cam Penners greatest songs (at least in my humble opinion), and it gets better from that. I want a Cam Penner lryic as a tattoo. (im not gonna say what one, cause thats a surprise).He’s got soul and heart and magic in his voice (despite an accidental ‘Glee’ reference right there) Check him out. TRUST ME. The swoon worthy lryics are at the begining this time 🙂

Best Songs- Driftwood, Throw Your Hands Up, Rye Whiskey, My Lover and I, If You Love Somebody and Hour of Need

So there it is, 5 guys who have been on repeat for the past few weeks and months. So take what you will from it hopefully you see something you like.

until next time

– be a river with me

*Dont Dream its over is a OTH episode title from season 5  and also a ‘Crowded House’ song. I chose it because when you dream of something awesome, like live music from a band you love, just enjoy it, dont rush it, just be in the moment. Live in the music moment. 



best money ive ever spent

I went home a few weeks ago to see my family …. and well


I could not have been happier.  The seats werent the greatest but they were in the same room as BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN. I was stoked!

He played for 3.5 hours and killed for the entire time. He played alot of his new stuff and a wicked selection of his older stuff. Best preformances were ‘Jack of All Trades’, ‘Incident on 57th Street’, ‘Tenth Avenue Freeze Out’, ‘The Rising’ and ‘Waiting on A Sunny Day’.

Heres the set list from the show:

1. Working on the Highway
2. Hungry Heart
3. Sherry Darling
4. We Take Care of Our Own
5. Wrecking Ball
6. Death to My Hometown
7. My City of Ruins
8. Spirit in the Night
9. Thundercrack (sign request)
10. Jack of All Trades
11. Murder Incorperated
12. Prove It All Night
13. Candy’s Room
14. MONA into She’s The One
15. Darlington County
16. Shackled and Drawn
17. Waiting on a Sunny Day
18. Incident on 57th Street (Solo Piano)
19. The Rising
20. Badlands
21. Land of Hope and Dreams

22. We Are Alive
23. Thunder Road
24. Born To Run
25. Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)
26. Dancing In The Dark
27. Tenth Avenue Freeze Out
28. Twist And Shout
29. Glory Days

It was EPIC!! of 29 songs I new the lryics to 21… thats not to shabby.

It was a great night, I saw him with my parents who as I’ve said before, are wicked awesome and super into music. I couldn’t think of 2 other people I would have rather seen Bruce with.



ive done alot of things, and seen some cool shit along the way, but Bruce is HANDS DOWN NO QUESTIONS ASKED THE BEST FICKIN THING OF MY LIFE.

until next time

– be a river with me