heavy heart

yesterday 26 families lost someone precious and dear to them in Newtown, Conneticut

20 of them were children.

and this makes my heart heavy with sadness.

i dont want to pontificate about gun laws or anything really I just got to get some stuff out there.

i dont have any children, nor do i plan on it any time soon. but i do have many friends with children, some of whom  i have grown close, and i will say with absolute certainty that there is nothing on this earth that would stop me from protecting those kids (or any child in the way of danger really).

i cannot even begin to fathom how those parents are feeling, its not right, parents arent supposed to bury their children, thats not the way it goes. its not the way its supposed to be.

8 years ago I was asked to attended ‘Goals for Lily’ a charity event for a young girl who was fighting a very long and courageous battle with a malignant brain tumour. This little girl had touched the hearts of so many people by telling her story,  sadly,  she passed away before the event. She was 4 years old.

At the game her mother and father spoke, and her mom said something that gave me chills then and has been on the back of my mind ever since, “Go home, and hug your kids” . I realized that that Mom would never get to hug her daughter ever again, never. That broke my heart.

My family is not shy about love, I when I call my parents and brothers i NEVER hang up with out telling them I love them, even if I’m hanging up angry.  I text my brothers usually once a week to tell them I love them. They are the 4 people I love the most in the entire world and i would do anything for them.

Those parents in Newtown have had their children stolen from them, had a life time of ‘I love yous’ taken from them for no reason, no reason at all. And it makes me so sad, so very sad.  Yesterday at work i was complaining about my  mild concussion that I got curling (yeah I’m Canadian, I curl) earlier this week, after i saw the news i felt bad about complaining. I hit my head, and CNN was showing photos of families being shattered because of one persons deplorable actions, my concussion seemed so very petty and un important next to the families of the Newtown tragedy.

so i guess the point of this is not dissimilar to my post ‘The Smoker You Drink, The Player You Get’, enjoy the moment your in, because it might be the last one you get here, and hug the people in your world that matter to you.

Newtownthis was posted on Twitter yesterday and sums up how I feel

until next time.

– be a river with me