Summer of Wine.

The Summer of Wine has begun

The Summer of Wine has begun

Summer 2013 is going to be my summer of wine.

I made a resolution in January that I was going to try a new red wine every month, and so far I’m actually keeping it up. Actually I’m on track with all but one of my resolutions, which is for me a feat.

So the wine….

Today was a great day for wine, so I threw on some flip flops and headed to the store, where my instincts were screaming “VODKA!!! GET VODKA!!” but I needed a May wine. So instead of being classy and getting a wine based on the vintage and the winery, I chose the one with the coolest label.

So, now until October (cause here in Alberta thats when summer ends) I will blog about my wine adventures.

Up first:

The Inaugural bottle in Summer of Wine 2013

The Inaugural bottle in Summer of Wine 2013

Wine Men of Gotham 2011 Shiraz

As I said, I totally picked this because of the label. But I was not disappointed.

It was full bodied, it was sweet but not overly sweet. The fruit tones in it (blackberry mainly) was subtle but welcome. The first glass went down easy, and the second was a lovely sipper glass. Would pair excellently with a steak.

This is a wine I would happily keep around the house, its a good bottle and on the cheaper side of Australian wines (between 10 and 15 a bottle depending on where you are).

Gotham wines has a pretty cool story to, if you have a chance heres the link:

Check it out.

so thats my short but sweet review of Wine Men of Gotham 2011 Shiraz.


until next time

– be a river with me